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Free Learn Faster Bootcamp (Starts Tomorrow)

I enjoy writing articles, but what I really like is when people take action and use the ideas. Starting tomorrow I’m putting on a one-week free bootcamp designed to teach you the skills to be more productive and learn faster. Every day I’ll send out a new idea as well as a quick action step so you can build momentum with new habits.

Once the week is over, I’ll reopen Learning on Steroids [1], and continue with a select group. I haven’t had a new opening of Learning on Steroids for over a year now, and I don’t know when I’ll do it next. If you’ve been interested in building better habits, this is your chance.

The bootcamp will only be delivered to people on my free newsletter [2], however. I’m not posting the content to this blog or to RSS. It’s completely free, and you can easily unsubscribe, so if you’re not currently on the email list sign up here [2]. If you’re not sure whether you’re enrolled, you can enter your email address anyways (it won’t double subscribe you, if you already are subscribed).

Here’s a brief outline of a few of the ideas I’m going to share for free over the next seven days:

Again this is completely FREE, but only to people on the email list [2].

I’ll try to send links to the previous days’ content, in case you’re late by a day or two, but otherwise I won’t be archiving the bootcamp publicly. That means if you miss it, it’s gone.