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My Next Project – The Year Without English

Last year, in October, I finished the MIT Challenge [1]. Now, I’m proud to announce my next yearlong learning project The Year Without English.

As with the MIT Challenge, I’ve made a central page where I’ll post all the daily conversation logs and the videos for each leg of the trip. Click here to see the main page for the project [2].

The goal of the project–to not speak English for a year and, in doing so, attempt to learn four new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean. I won’t be doing this trip alone. I will be accompanied on this trip with my friend, Vat Jaiswal, who will also be learning the languages under the same constraint, even though this is his first language learning experience as an adult.

The adventure starts September 5th, when we’re off to Valencia, Spain for the next three months. We’ll even have the pleasure of getting hands-on advice from another famous polyglot, Benny Lewis [3], as we start our journey.

Wish us luck!