Top Performer is Now Open

Top Performer, Cal Newport’s and my course on developing the skills to build the career you love, is now open.

Over four years ago, Cal and I were discussing two observations about career development. The first, is that having an excellent career depends on becoming really good at things the world values. That’s true for all professions, whether you’re a programmer, artist, manager or entrepreneur. The second, is that getting really good can often be a frustratingly difficult process. People stay stuck at the same level of skill for years, or they get caught up maximizing abilities that don’t matter that much.

This simple idea led to years of work, multiple pilot courses and well over a thousand individual students. The result is Top Performer, a course we’re both proud to offer that can guide you through the obstacles to becoming the best at what you do.

If that idea interests you, click here (Registration is now closed. Click here to find out about the next session.) to find out more about the course. We’ll be holding registration open until Friday, May 20th at 11:59pm PT. After that, we’ll be closing registration to start the first week of the course with the new students on May 22nd.