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I Got Married!

On May 26th, I married my best friend and the love of my life, Zorica.

It’s a cliche to refer to your spouse as your best friend, but oddly enough, in my case it’s actually been true. My wife and I were close friends for almost eight years before we started dating, and a couple for three and a half before we got married.

A good partnership, romantic or otherwise, makes both people better off than they would be by themselves. I won’t speak for my wife, but I can say this is definitely true for me.

As anyone who knows me personally will attest, I have plenty of flaws. I talk too much. I often lack social graces. My head is in the clouds and the future, and I often miss the here-and-now. Even since the early days of our friendship, I’ve been grateful to have someone to turn to for advice and support to overcome these weaknesses. In this sense, our relationship has pushed me to be a better person much more than any other step I had undertaken on my own.

For this, and so many things, I’m incredibly grateful. I’m not certain where life will lead, but I’m happy that it will be together.