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Read my articles on WeChat now!

I now have a WeChat account which is posting Chinese/English versions of some of my more popular articles.

You can check them out here: Chinese version [1] and English version [2]

It’s still fairly new, but I’ll be deciding how much I want to pursue this direction depending on how popular it becomes. If you like subscribing to blogs via WeChat, or would prefer to read my articles in Chinese, please subscribe so we can get the word out.

What’s the motivation behind this new effort?

After my book, Learn More, Study Less, was published in China, I gained quite a few new readers. While my blog is accessible in China, many of the features don’t work and everything is in English (which makes it harder for many people to read my work).

I’m hopeful that, by offering this WeChat channel, it will be easier to communicate with my readers in China.

Still, I don’t know exactly where things will be going yet. Right now we’re just doing translations of existing articles, but if it gets popular enough, I may look at making more original content in Chinese.



中文 [1] / 英文 [2]

这个公众号还在起步阶段,但我会根据它的受欢迎程度来决定我在这个方向上投入多少。如果你喜欢关注微信公众号,或者更希望阅读我文章的中文翻译, 请关注这个号,帮我们将消息传播出去。