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Why Do Some People Get Things Done Effortlessly?

Question: You know those people – ones that don’t stress over exam deadlines, never do overtime at work, go to the gym in the morning, file their taxes in advance and somehow go to bed before midnight. While most of us struggle, how come some people seem to be doing it without much effort?

The amount of effort something takes you depends a lot on your skill level. Think about doing something simple like reading this sentence. There was a time when this activity was hard and painstaking for you. Recognizing each letter, putting them together to form sounds, realizing that some words aren’t said the way their letters sound.

While it’s easy to think of literacy as being something that’s obviously a skill, most of life is also made up of skills. Passing exams, completing work, habits of exercise and productivity.

The right way to look at someone who is doing something better than you is to recognize that this person might have learned a skill you haven’t yet. Skill isn’t the only thing that separates people. Someone who is 7’ tall will be able to slam dunk easily while I likely never will. Differences in talent matter as much as differences in skill, depending on the domain. However, I usually opt to focus on skill differences because there’s not much to be done about differences in talent.

Whether the reason is skill or talent, effort is inversely proportional to ability.

Gain ability and the effort goes down.

Removing the struggle in life is about gaining abilities—either through learning skills, knowledge or building habits.


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