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About the Blog

What is the ideal way to live?

This blog is a series of philosophical ramblings I use to answer this question. I’ve written close to 1000 articles, and a few free ebooks and guides exploring what it means to get more from life.

The theme of posts ranges from productivity to learning to the meaning of life. Typically my emphasis is on readers in their twenties, since that represents my vantage point, but the site enjoys readers from teenagers to retirees.

My purpose in writing isn’t to assert that my view is always correct (although I’m an opinionated guy), but rather to suggest a viewpoint, encourage discussion and move a few steps closer to answering that question.

In addition to this blog, ScottHYoung.com is also a business, where I sell information products and services. ScottHYoung.com is ad-free and entirely supported by these extras. However, even if you never buy anything from me, I’ll still be happy to have had the chance to share my ideas with you.

About Scott Young

I started writing this blog just before my 18th birthday, so in many ways, it has mirrored my own life as an adult.

The blog started when I was very interested in behavior change, and you can see many articles about this obsession. Later I left for university and began considering socializing and productivity as topics to explore. Learning became an important topic, and eventually created the foundation for a full-time business I could run, selling courses to learners about the methods I’d uncovered.

Finally, as I left school, the idea of continued self-mastery and career development interested me. Recently I completed a year-long quest in self-education.

Beyond writing, entrepreneurship and life philosophy, my interests include programming, travel, cooking and teaching myself anything I can.

Contact Me

Like one of the articles? Have a question about something I’ve written? Feel free to send me an email to contact@scotthyoung.com!

I do get a lot of emails, so sometimes I’m not able to respond to every one (but I still read all of them). If you don’t get a response, it usually means that I couldn’t think of anything smart or clever or helpful to say in response, not that I don’t appreciate you taking the time to write! Also understand that I can’t usually give responses with too much depth, so it works better to ask a specific question rather than a very general email asking for suggestions.

My favorite emails to get are ones that are concise and ask an interesting question that I can answer in a sentence or two. Something like “Hey Scott, I like the blog–do you think it’s better to set goals or start habits for personal development?” (Answer: habits, unless you have a particular goal already) or “How much math should I learn to start studying programming?” (Answer: very little, the harder math comes later) Big walls of autobiographical text followed by a request for suggestions is a lot harder to respond to meaningfully, so please don’t take offense if I can’t.

Also, don’t ask me to review products, blogs, articles, books, software, apps or request guest posts. This isn’t a press-release suitable type of blog, so if it looks like spam, I don’t read it.

If you want to write about a specific article I’ve written, please use the comments form for that article. That way we can all build on the discussion and the ideas can get shared!