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The Little Book of Productivity

Struggle With Procrastination? Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload? Here’s a Simple Guide to Fix It.

You wake up, and hit the snooze button. You try to get started working, but you end up spending another twenty minutes on Facebook. Work continues to pile up, but you can’t ever seem to get it all done.

What should you do?

Rarely is there a single answer that will work for everyone. What you need isn’t just one tool, but a toolbox.

I’ve collected those ideas into one place with The Little Book of Productivity.

This guide contains the best ninety-nine ideas to help you work smarter, faster and more productively. The book is divided into seven chapters, each containing over a dozen unique tools and strategies:

  1. How to beat procrastination, once and for all.
  2. Becoming organized, so you can relax, knowing your system will handle everything.
  3. Staying energized, so you can work hard without burning out.
  4. Becoming a finisher, going from busy to accomplished.
  5. How to automate your routine so productivity becomes a habit.
  6. Hacks to boost your productivity without extra work.
  7. How to make sure you do the right work, instead of just keeping busy

Think of this book as your ultimate resource in trying to stay productive. Each idea is just one page long, so you can quickly jump back and remind yourself about any ideas you’d like to use.

Better yet, if this book doesn’t dramatically improve your productivity, I’ll give you a full refund in the first 60-days. There’s no way to lose, unless you don’t give it a try.

The Little Book of Productivity

  • All 99 productivity ideas, divided into 9 chapters in a beautiful 122-page PDF ebook.
  • Kindle and eReader editions
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


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