Finish Work Faster with The Olympian Method

Have you ever encountered these problems:

  1. Procrastinating, when you know you need to work?

  2. Trying to balance work, studies and a social life?

  3. Feeling burned out?

Today's idea proposes to tackle all three. But it does so in a rather unconventional way. Instead of trying to make your schedule "balanced", you deliberately create a top-heaviness in your workload.

The core of this idea was pulled from the book, The Power of Full Engagement. The authors insight was that Olympic athletes don't train non-stop. They alternate between work and rest. More importantly, by working the way Olympians train, you could see dramatic productivity increases.

Top-heaviness means putting more of your work at the beginning of a day or week than at the end. More than just being proactive, it's about having a deliberate imbalance in your schedule.

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