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Goals Free Chapters

Several weeks ago I released a free, full-version program entitled, Goals! An Interactive Guide [1]. It has been downloaded a fair number of times and I have received some positive feedback about it. That being said, I can understand how some people don’t wish to download and install a program to get the content. Although it is impossible for me to put the interactive content into a blog entry, I am going to release all nine chapters in the series for free over this website during the next week. Hopefully this will allow greater access to the content to a larger amount of people.

I have been very busy in the past few days and probably the whole next week, mostly researching new ideas to pursue. Between working full-time at a job, improving my exercise/diet plans and trying to read a hundred or so pages each day, I felt now would be a good time to take a short break from blogging to come back with fresh insights. In the meantime, I’ll post a chapter each day in the form of a blog article on the subject of goal setting.

Goals! An Interactive Guide [1] Chapters:

Chapter One: Why Set Goals? [2]

Chapter Two: Decide Exactly What You Want [3]

Chapter Three: Create an Unstoppable Drive [4]

Chapter Four: Get Organized [5]

Chapter Five: Stay Flexible [6]

Chapter Six: Overcoming Obstacles [7]

Chapter Seven: Review Your Progress [8]

Chapter Eight: Velocity-Based Goal Setting [9]

Chapter Nine: Operate From the Highest Level [10]

Although Chapters Two to Nine are normal blog entries, Chapter One is a notable exception with some interactive content. The original chapter has some simple HTML layout to encourage you to follow along with a goal-setting exercise. I’m hoping I can format it onto a blog entry, but if I can’t there may be a slight delay as I do a quick rewrite. Otherwise the first chapter should be available sometime tomorrow.

Stay tuned!