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Friday Links 07-06-08

From the Web

Ten Thinking Sins [1] – Leo over at ZenHabits does a great job pointing out the various types of negative thinking.

Leadership Laugh [2] – My friend David Zinger, who I blogged about here [3], has a funny new blog where he provides leadership “advice.” I’ve read a lot of self-help/business books so I got a laugh reading some of his tips.

Four Hour Workweek Blog [4] – I’ve talked about Tim’s book [5]. Here’s his blog. Tim doesn’t write that often, but his posts are usually good when he does. I think this is the kind of blog you subscribe more to understand the person than his subject, as Tim is a very interesting guy.

From the Archives

Goals! [6] – It seems like ages ago, but it’s only been a year since I released Goals! An Interactive Guide [7], my experiment mixing games with learning about goal setting. In any case, this is the 9 part series on goal-setting that was covered in the program, in blog form.

From the Shelf

Body Sculpting Bible for Men [8] – Great book if your interested in fitness. It covers the basics as well as some information you probably wont find in the copy of Men’s Fitness laying around at the gym. Although I haven’t read it, I’m sure the same applies to the alternative book, Body Sculpting Bible for Women [9].

It’s been awhile since I read the book, but some interesting points I remember getting: