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Friday Links 07-12-06

From the Web

Notetaking for Geeks [1] – Tim Ferriss has a great entry on how to use notetaking to organize the information input in your life. The system struck me as something I need for myself, as I’ve been relying on my memory too much when referencing blog posts, books and random thoughts.

Faith Isn’t a Good Thing [2] – Once again I turn to Overcoming Bias to clearly describe thoughts I have, but can’t seem to articulate. Most people understand that freedom to criticize your government is an important right, otherwise you’re powerless. But, how many people see that the freedom to criticize your own beliefs (and the beliefs of the majority) is equally important?

From the Archives

Rules for Understanding People [3] – You can’t simplify human behavior into rules. But a few mental guidelines can help you overcome the most obvious communication errors. This is one of the ten most popular articles on this site.

From the Shelf

Zen To Done [4] – Just in case you haven’t had a chance to take a look at this great book [5], here’s the link again. Leo Babauta of ZenHabits expands on the productivity framework of Dave Allen’s Getting Things Done (another great book). In the book, Leo tackles many of the problems people have in becoming organized, namely, forming the right habits and creating a simple system that is easy to follow.