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Friday Links – 08-03-04

From the Web

How to Get a Book Deal [1] – For anyone interested in getting a book published, Cal Newport provides an excellent guide. He includes some great insider tips like, “Don’t write the book first” and “If your idea is simply interesting (e.g., a book about some new youth phenomenon) then you’re violating rule #1. Interesting ideas need to be really well-written to succeed, therefore publishers will allow only established writers to tackle them. Your idea needs to be more than interesting, it needs to be something that people need to have — regardless of whether or not the writing sparkles.”

The Incredible Power of Contentment [2] – A great perspective on the practice of being happy with what you have. Leo breaks down the goal-setting/enjoy-what-you-have paradox perfectly and explains how you can have both.

From the Archives

9 Steps to Stop Information Poisoning [3] – From the article:

Despite the negative influence of too much information, few people recognize the toxicity. In one test, doctors were given more information about patients than was necessary to provide a diagnosis. The extra information actually decreased the doctors ability to diagnose, while making them more confident.

In other words, more information makes you think you know more. Even if you actually know less.