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Friday Links 08-08-08

From the Web

Are We More Self-Absorbed Nowadays? [1] – Ben Casnocha raises an interesting question.  I’m definitely guilty of the conceit that people care about my opinion on things (heck, I’ve been writing here for over two years).  Self-absorption may be a fault, but it has an interesting trade-off.  Does more self-absorption also mean more independence and individuality by viewing your opinion as being separate from everyone around you?

Better Ways to Use Your Brain [2] – A reader sends this link for improving how you think.  Great tips for those looking to increase their brainpower.

Should 20-somethings Stop Saving? [3]Ben [4] points to an interesting article where the author argues against the advice to start saving when you’re in your twenty.  I agree partially with the author.  Having a million dollars in savings when I retire isn’t important to me if it means putting my life on hold during my twenties.  However, I don’t think it is wise building up consumer debt to live a lifestyle you can’t afford, even if you plan to have more earning power later.  You can read the second part, here [5].

What are your thoughts?  Should youth be a time for saving and investing your money, or should you be spending your money to buy experiences and education that can enrich your later years in ways other than a paycheck?

From the Archives

Measuring Persistence [6] – A recent article I wrote about how to keep track of your persistence levels, why persistence is different than motivation and pursuing infinite persistence.

From the Shelf

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion [7]
– I recently got a chance to read this great book.  It is filled of examples and psychological studies that show how we are persuaded to buy and believe, even when it doesn’t make rational sense.  Worth reading for anyone hoping to get into business and for every consumer to be aware of the tactics being used against them.


I’m planning on doing an experiment with my posting rate in the upcoming months.  Although I’ve stuck with the 4 articles + Friday Links every week for the last six months, I’m thinking of experimenting with a change.  I haven’t settled on an exact posting schedule, but it will probably be 2-3 articles a week instead of 5.

I’m basing this experiment on some feedback I’ve received and hunches I have that keeping up with a high posting rate is difficult for many readers.  Although high posting tends to attract more readers from links, it also encourages people to unsubscribe if they can’t keep up.  If you have an opinion on the posting rate of this blog, I suggest you weigh in so I can use your feedback before I start the experiment.