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Friday Links 08-11-14

From the Web

A Brief Guide to World Domination [1] – One of my favorite blogs is Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Nonconformity.  Here is his free manifesto for starting empire (or just living an original life).  Like his blog, it’s a well-written attack on mediocrity and the pitfalls of thinking with the masses.

Dr. Rob Bell’s Motivation Blog [2] – I recently got a link to this blog through the mail.  Although there are a lot of motivational blogs (myself included…), Rob’s blog is well written and goes back almost two years into the archives, a staying power rare in the blogosphere.

Make Your Site Sell [3] – I’m sure everyone who is interested in online business has already heard of this guide, but it’s now completely free.  With close to 1500 pages of content, it’s a guide to selling that isn’t afraid to go into detail.

From the Archives

Don’t Pay Yourself By The Hour [4] – Just because paying by the hour is easier for the accounting department of a big firm, doesn’t mean it’s best for your projects.  Always pay yourself for results.

From the Shelf

Cat’s Cradle [5] – This is my second book from Vonnegut, after Slaughterhouse-Five [6].  It’s an interesting story critiquing the arms race and offering many observations about life along the way.  My favorite passage from the book:

    ‘You scientists think too much,’ blurted out Miss Pefko.  She laughed idiotically.  Dr. Breed’s friendliness had blown every fuse in her nervous system.  She was no longer responsible. ‘You all think too much.’
A winded, defeated-looking fat woman in filthy coveralls trudged beside us, hearing what Miss Pefko said.  She turned to examine Dr. Breed, looking at him with helpless reproach.  She hated people who thought too much.  At that moment, she struck me as an appropriate representative for all mankind. [emphasis mine]