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Friday Links 09-05-15

From the Web

Ten Things I Wish I Had Done When I Was Twenty [1] – Trent from the Simple Dollar shares some thoughts on what he would have done differently. Note #5: “I wish I had been more entrepreneurial.”

The Linguist on Language [2] – I’ve been reading Steve’s blog ever since a reader recommended it to me after I began my quest to speak French fluently. I’m still a long way from fluency, and I’m trying a variety of different methods to incorporate the language. Considering the multilingualism of my audience, I’m certainly not an expert, but hopefully I’ll be able to share a few of my experiences soon.

Neuro-enhancing drugs? [3] – Ben Casnocha reports on an alarming trend on campuses today that I’d never heard about before. The closest thing to a mental stimulant I’ve taken is coffee, but I rarely have caffeine aside from the occasional cup of tea.

From the Archives

How to Fuel a Creative Flow [4] – An introduction to my two-flow theory of creativity. I’ve used this approach frequently when trying to generate new content for this blog and for academic assignments that require creative output.

From the Shelf

I Will Teach You to Be Rich [5] – A fantastic book on personal finance for anyone in their twenties. It tackles the basics of saving, getting out of debt and investing with Ramit’s breezy writing style. Additionally, it covers some personal finance questions aimed directly at our generation, such as whether to rent or own a home, buying cars and saving for your wedding. As much about human psychology as it is about interest rates, Ramit understands how to provide advice that actually works.