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How to Change a Habit – Expansion

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

If you’re struggling to reach a goal, the problem is often that lousy habits are getting in the way. Two years ago, I wrote How to Change a Habit [1], a guide that has been downloaded hundreds of times. The guide detailed my approach to changing habits, illustrating the simple techniques I’ve used in the past to start exercising regularly, overhaul my diet and triple my productivity.

The book was, and still is, a popular guide on the website. However, being my first attempt at creating a product, it was still a little rough around the edges. So, I’ve decided to introduce a new version with more content and a completely new 9-part audio expansion.

You can buy the guide here [1], for just under $20. This includes the redesigned guide, printable version and nine-part audio extension.

How to Change a Habit 2.0

The new version has a number of new additions:

  1. Over 30 minutes of audio content. I’ve recorded nine chapters with new content that you can listen to on your computer or iPod. You can download the first one here, for free.
  2. A new design. Includes buttons for navigation, so you can easily read the guide in chunks or skip between chapters.
  3. Expanded written content. In addition to the audio content, I’ve added new tips to the guide.
  4. A printer-friendly version. Although my designer and I made great efforts to make the book 100% readable from the screen, we have also created a sleek, black & white printable version.

Free Stuff

You can download a free preview chapter [2] of the guide. Also, I’ve put up the first MP3 chapter [3] of the nine-part audio expansion here. These two freebies aren’t just a sales pitch, contain useful ideas from the book, which I hope you can use even if you have no intention of buying the full version.

An Anti-Marketing Policy*

I want to stress that you don’t need to buy this book to enjoy the website. This is my 700th entry to this blog, which means there are over 600 full-length articles, a software program and several pdf guides, all completely free. If you never purchase anything from the website, I’ll still be happy to have you as a reader.

*Taking a cue from my friend and nonconformist [4], Chris Guillebeau

I’ve always maintained an easy-refund, 120-day return policy for everything I sell. I understand buying an information product online can sometimes be a hesitant decision. So I want to be the one to bear the risk in the transaction. If you weren’t entirely happy with the guide, just send me an email and I’ll happily give you every cent back.

Upgrade from Change a Habit 1.0

Anyone who purchased the old version of How to Change a Habit, is entitled to the new version, completely free of charge. I want to reward early readers, not punish them. If you bought How to Change a Habit, just send me an email [5] with either:

And I’ll be happy to send free download links to the new guide, print version and audio extensions.

Get How to Change a Habit

  1. Click here [1] to buy the guide, for just under $20.
  2. Download a free preview chapter [2].
  3. Download the first free audio extension chapter [3].