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Friday Links

From the Web

Is the 30-Day Trial bogus? [1]– Some new research suggests 30 days isn’t long enough. One of the ways around this I suggest in How to Change a Habit [2] is to have an additional 90-day period where you commit to the habit, without requiring perfect attendance.

The problem with 1% [3] – My former adviser for business planning used to say he threw out any plan that called for a 1% market share. That’s because most people forget there is a number smaller than 1–namely, 0.

Life passion and increasing individualism in modern society [4] – “When people say, ‘Find a job you’re passionate about’ they really mean to include it under the broader 21st century mandate: ‘Go out there and become self-actualized.’ This sounds a whole lot scarier and impossibly vague. That’s because it is.”

The key to happiness, summarized in one picture [5]

Quitting Your Job is Easy [6] – “If you quit and start something new and persevere for years and make it happen, then you deserve hosannas. But just quitting? Anyone can do that.”

Update on Think Outside the Cubicle

First, big thanks to Zen Habits [7] and The Art of Nonconformity [8] as early promoters of the book! It’s been out for less than a week, and I’ve already received a lot of positive feedback.

Second, if you haven’t downloaded the free, Manifesto edition [9], click on the link.

Finally, thanks to everyone who purchased the book. As I explained in the announcement post [10], I don’t expect all my readers to become paying customers. But for those who do, I thank you, as your support allows me to create all the free content on this blog.