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Friday Links

From the Web

Stop Studying, Start Learning [1] – Here’s an interview I did with Liam about holistic learning for his new program geared towards pre-med students.

Liam’s also opening a new program offering coaching and school help for pre-med students. Like my recent sell-out, Liam only has a limited number of seats in the program, so if you’re interested in a learning program aimed specifically at pre-med students check out the link above.

From the Archives

7 Reasons the Gym is Better than Therapy [2] – “I have a love affair with my gym.  She’s not much to look at: a rubber track and weight room in a dank basement, but appearances aren’t everything.  She’s there on my best days and on my worst days.  We never fight, and she doesn’t care what I look like as long as I give her my full attention for a few hours a week.”

Learning on Steroids

Earlier this week I mentioned I just opened a new program designed to implement rapid learning tactics. It was a quick sell-out [3], but I have hopes I can reopen the program again.

It’s been less than one week, but I’ve already received dozens of 30-Day Trials from people explaining how they are going to start training some of the ideas. It has been an interesting experiment for me, because for the first time with a large group, I’m actually witnessing how some of the ideas are being applied.

Too often in the online info-product area, there is a 95% focus on marketing with scant resources aimed at actually making a good product. I don’t claim to have perfected it, in the least.  But my hope is that rigorous data gathering from following a group over several months can give me a good picture of what typical students can achieve.