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My Upcoming Video Course, Learning on Steroids and Vancouver Meet-Up

Just two quick announcements to make today:

Learn More, Study Less – The Video Course

Holistic learning, the strategy I’ve used to ace finals without studying [1] and maintain a GPA between an A and an A+ [2] in university while growing a business, has consistently been the most popular subject on my blog. I still get emails every day about the free mini ebook [3] I wrote on it, and Learn More, Study Less [4] is still the best selling guide on this website.

It’s taken almost three years, but I’ve finally put together a video course. This is a 12-module course that expands my biggest-selling guide with six hours of video instruction, expert audio interviews and a 38-page bonus manual walking through how just a handful of students have used the tactics to get better grades with less studying.

The course is also going to be offered with a re-opening of Learning on Steroids [5], my rapid learning tactics training program. I’ve only accepted new students twice in the last eight months, and for less than four days in total.

The program will be launching on the 10th of September here, but if you’re interested in the program, I’ll be giving an early sign-up date as well as a 2-hour bonus video, only to the people on my free prelaunch email list. [6]

I know plenty of people reading here aren’t interested in the business end of ScottHYoung.com. That’s completely fine. But that means people on the email list [6] get more information, as well as discounts and giveaways I don’t announce on the main website.

In Vancouver August 29th? Want to Meet-Up?

In March, I had the first reader meet-up in Paris. About a half-dozen people showed up, we went for lunch, talked about life, philosophy and entrepreneurship, and had a great time.

I’m flying to Vancouver next week as a holiday, and I’d like to meet some of you. If you’re from Vancouver, or can be in Vancouver on the 29th, shoot me an email to vancouvermeetup@scotthyoung.com [7]. It will be pretty low-key, probably just drinks or coffee somewhere. I’ll email the time and place once I know who’s coming.