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Is it Possible to Ace University Exams Without Studying?

Asking that question was how it all got started. Nearly four years ago I wrote an article about how I was able to do just that—get A’s on exams without studying [1].

I know it’s possible, not just because I’ve done it a number of times, but because after writing the article I heard from numerous people who told me that they had as well. What’s more interesting is that most of them told me they did it the same way.

To clarify, I don’t think writing exams without any kind of preparation is a good idea. Just because you can drive blindfolded doesn’t mean you should. But it did force many students to question their assumptions about how to learn.

To many, learning success means a lot of painful hours in the library. Successful students must either possess rare genius or monastic obsession to their textbooks. Claiming there might be a third option caused a bit of controversy. Enough that I still get emails every day about an article I wrote almost four years ago.

Learn More, Study Less: The Video Course

On that note, today I’m publicly releasing Learn More, Study Less: The Video Course [2]. A few days ago, I did a small launch to a few learners on my email list, and it’s already become very popular.

Watch the short video [2] (3 minutes) and click here [2] to learn the details of the course. If you pay attention to the video you’ll notice that I’m the proud owner of what may be the ugliest couch in the world. đŸ˜‰

Click here to find out more about the course [2].

Help Me Get the Word Out

Because I’m a lousy marketer (I still get complaints about my lack of a Facebook page and infrequent Twitter updates) I wanted to ask for your help in getting the word out about this course, and the new ideas for learning rapidly. I’ve set up an affiliate page, with details that will allow anyone to make a 50% commission for reviewing the course [3].

If you run a larger blog (>2000 readers) and are serious about doing a review, give me an email [4], I’d love to help you find ways to tailor the ideas more to your audience.

P.S. – The first emails for the course are going out tomorrow, so anyone who’s interested better sign up quickly!

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