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Learning on Steroids is Open

Once or twice a year, I open my most popular program, Learning on Steroids. It’s an interactive program designed to teach rapid learning skills and productivity techniques to help students study less while getting better grades. I’ve been doing the program for nearly two years, and it’s been great seeing the results people have gotten.

Today I’m opening registration again, but only for 72 hours (and 500 seats, in case we sell out). You can learn more about the program here [1].

I’m going to be starting my mega-project in October, so I don’t plan on reopening the course for another year. That means if you want to try it out (there’s a 60-day return policy) then you’ll have to sign up now [1].

You can also access some of the free bootcamp content [2] I’ve been sending out all week here as well. Even if you aren’t planning on signing up, there’s some free content I haven’t posted to this blog before.