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Help With New Holistic Learning Book

I need your help. I just spent a few hours today planning out a new Holistic Learning book which I hope to release in Spring of 2008. The book should expand the holistic learning concept that I originally introduced here [1] and produced a free e-book [2] about. Among other things, here’s what the book should do that you haven’t seen in my previous writings about the subject:

  1. Include more practical examples. The biggest problem with my writings up to this date is that they aren’t practical enough. Many students were intrigued by the concepts, but couldn’t apply them to their subjects. I hope to solve this problem by including more practical examples and techniques.
  2. Homework assignments. I’m considering expanding the book to include practice exercises so you can begin practicing the techniques of holistic learning and other memory/study hacks that can help you learn better. Holistic learning is a skill, not just an idea, so I want to make the book interactive.
  3. Beyond holistic learning. The book should also introduce techniques that can aid in learning that break away from holistic learning. Productivity, accomplishment (my new favorite word as introduced by Cal) and principles of learning should make there way in. Hopefully this will translate into a richer volume of content rather than a restatement of what I’ve already written.

Before I can start working on the book, I want to get in contact with you. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. People who do well at school, learn things easily or have creative thinking strategies. You don’t need to be a savant, but if you felt that holistic learning resonated with your own abilities, I want to talk to you.
  2. People who are struggling with school, learning or simply want to learn better. I want to discuss with you exactly what your challenges are so I can try to design the book to offer real solutions.
  3. People who are interested in the book and want to provide input into the format, topics or cost.

If you fit any one of these descriptions, please send me an e-mail [3] (hello@scotthyoung.com). This is basic and necessary research for me to get this product off the ground. I’m looking to set up phone interviews where possible, since that offers me the best back-and-forth feedback, so please indicate whether you are able to do this in your e-mail.