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Friday Links 09-05-29

From the Web

Sometimes, it hurts to ask [1] – I’ve written previously on the importance of asking for what you want [2]. Seth here argues a different perspective: don’t ask without permission.

Why People Hate Marketers [3] – Chris Guillebeau has a great article about how trust is more important than your conversion rate in an online world full of deceit and manipulation.

From the Archive

Sprinting Theory: How to Have Self-Discipline on Steroids [4] – “There ain’t no such thing as willpower. … Using this concept has been incredibly useful in breaking through my own laziness. This simple idea I’m going to refer to as sprinting theory.”

Friday Goals Update

I’ve decided to include this Friday Links a brief update on the my progress towards my goals. Let me know whether you think it should be a regular feature of the website!

As I mentioned in my videocast [5], my fitness goal is to increase my muscle mass by 10 lbs in the next two months. I just completed a 6-day diet log [6], tracking everything I ate. The food composition appeared to be good for my goals (a high enough protein %, lots of fruits and veggies). However, the total calories are probably a bit low. So I started a 30-day trial to ensure I eat a breakfast first thing in the morning and a meal right before bed.

My language goal is still progressing slowly. I finished a Teach Yourself French book, although I thoroughly believe I have not taught myself French. However, I’m spending time with a group of students from France, and I’m looking into picking up another audio guide.

For my other goal of increasing the income to this business (which is a longer, 2-year objective), I’ve almost finished updates on an expansion to How to Change a Habit. I’m also working on redesigning/expanding Learn More, Study Less and writing a new book, tentatively titled Think Outside the Cubicle, for at-home productivity. These projects will generate long-term income, but in the short-term my income is still down from my period of reduced activity over the last 6 months.