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Why a 50% commission?

Commissions of half the entire value of the book aren't common with affiliate programs. Amazon offers less than 10%, other e-books offer 20-30%. The cost of selling an individual copy of the book is low compared to initial costs in producing Learn More, Study Less. As a result, my goal is to get the book to as wide an audience as possible. This means, of course, that you can enjoy a large chunk of the revenue for just a few minutes of your time. (How nice!)

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All you need is a PayPal account. Affiliate membership isn't restricted to big sites with millions of visitors. I realize that many of the people who would use this e-book, visit smaller websites for personalized advice. You can sign up for the affiliate program even with just a few visitors. Even if you only manage to point one person towards buying the book, you will have earned almost 20$ for less than 10 minutes of your time.

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Obviously I wouldn't expect anyone who didn't like the book to sign up for the affiliate system (although there are no restrictions). However, you can write a balanced review listing both pros and cons of the book and still be part of the affiliate system. I only expect people to give their honest reactions to the material of the book.

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Of course that depends entirely on you. If you really found the book useful and you maintain a large website, then affiliate commissions could be incredibly high. There is no maximum limit at which you stop earning affiliate income. You can earn a few extra dollars a month with a small website, just by posting the link.

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