Ass-Kicking Email – Get Started Today!


Today is all about getting started.

In this email I will:

1. Share with you a video to give you advice in getting started.
2. Offer other options for people unsure where to start.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read over some of the material.
I also hope you’ve given some thought into what 30-Day Challenge
you will be pursuing during this month.

If you still aren’t sure, this email should give you everything
you need to get going.

–I’m Joining the Program Too–

I don’t just sit on the sidelines giving advice–I actively use all
the tactics and suggestions I offer in this course!

When I first started this program, I created a video discussing how
I was using the format of the program to learn French. The video is
a bit old, but I’m happy to say it worked–I was able to reach a
level of conversational fluency in French.

You can watch the video here to get some advice on starting your own
training efforts.

Watch here (~6 minutes):

–Where Should I Start?–

If you just joined, there may only be  3 implementation guides.
Considering most of the content is still coming up, it can be hard
to pick the best challenge to start with.

But, as I mention in the video, you don’t *need* to use an
implementation guide as the basis for your 30-Day Trial. Any tool
you want to implement in your life will do, and you can still use
of all the coaching, feedback, advice and community to make it

The most important step is picking a trial and actually training.
Reading won’t make you a ninja. Neither will it make you a jiu-jitsu
learning master. Only starting a trial and working on it can.

–10 More Ideas for 30-Day Challenges–

What are some of these “alternative” challenges outside the guides?

I’ve put together a quick list of 10 possible 30-Day Trials you
could use to improve your learning. So now, you have no excuses!

#1 – Weekly/Daily Goals – (Read here:
#2 – Fixed-Schedule Productivity – (Read here:
#3 – Getting Things Done System – (Read here:
#4 – Predefined Study Schedule – No cramming, just consistency.
#5 – Read Ahead Habit – Commit to reading ___ pages per day.
#6 – Deep Practice Habit – Complete ___ hard problems each day.
#7 – Teach to Learn Skill – Explain to other students every day.
#8 – Ruthless Organization – Keep binders storing all tasks.
#9 – Internet Reduction – Keep Facebook, email etc. to once per day.
#10- Two-Flow Creative Skill – (Read here:
–Now: Take Action!–

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Pick your trial.
2. Start working on it TODAY.
3. Write about your trial in the FORUMS:



November 6, 2012,1:46 am

Hi Scott,

because Chinese goverment block youtube, i can’t access your video contents.
I wonder whether you could upload the video onto Chinese substitution of youtube:

hong jian

Scott Young

November 6, 2012,7:41 am

Hong Jian,

There should only be two older videos which are on YouTube. Almost all of them are privately hosted. Can you let me know if you can’t access the others?



September 28, 2014,12:25 am

Dear Scott,

I can’t launch youtube and the others either.

By the way, I’m from China, too.

Thanks for your kindness.


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