Scott H Young


What exactly is personal development? How does someone get the most out of life?

This website started from asking these questions and many others. I started writing down my ideas, thoughts and experiences in trying to answer those questions. Today this website has over two hundred articles and hundreds of comments from readers like you, hopefully moving us forward in finding the answers.

And what is the answer?

I started out working on goals, productivity and energy. From these lessons I built in habits of excellence. Waking up early every day, abstaining from television, exercising regularly and even adopting a vegetarian diet to improve my energy. This extra energy and productivity allowed me to write articles almost daily, coach soccer, instruct as a lifeguard, attend Toastmaster meetings, finish a full length interactive goal-setting program and managing to graduate second in my class in high school.

After moving to attend University, I took a different stance on the questions I asked before. Relaxing up my productivity I am now in the process of exploring the interpersonal realm of excellence. Relationships, socializing, networking and communication are now my prime areas of focus.

I still haven’t found an answer to those questions. Some might consider me a little too young to really know (I celebrated my 18th birthday in August). But hopefully I can share what little I do find with you.

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