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This website is more than just a blog. If you like what you’ve been seeing, here are some other offers to help you get more from life:

Learn More, Study LessLearn More, Study Less – Smart people don’t just think better, they think differently. This e-book explores the process I used to ace my finals with little studying. It isn’t a quick fix, but it provides a path for other people who want to take control of the learning process. The full-version includes a 228 page e-book and six bonus printouts designed to help you master these techniques.

How to Change A Habit - 14.99 How to Change a Habit – Do you have a habit you would like to change? Would you like to become healthier, wealthier and gain more control from your life? This book will give you the specific tools to do just that.

The Little Book of Productivity The Little Book of Productivity – This book is anything but little.  Packed tight with almost one hundred ideas for becoming more productive, this book doesn’t waste space with filler.  Split into seven chapters, this is the perfect guide for someone who wants to immerse themselves in becoming more productive.

Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning – This short e-book was released almost a year before Learn More, Study Less. It documents my holistic learning process, the strategy I use to learn more with little studying. Although the concepts have been significantly updated since this was written, it is still a great introduction to the topic.

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Get More From Life – A collection of the best articles on this website.  The e-book version contains the top 20 posts in a screen-friendly .pdf format.  The paperback version is printed on dead trees, contains the best 80 articles and is over 300 pages.  A great gift for a fan of the website.

Goals! An Interactive Guide – Learn how to set goals while playing an interactive game. The first product for this website, the program is entirely free. Includes nine chapters on Goals! An Interactive Guidehow to set goals, make them a reality and enjoy a greater quality of life.
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