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I’m Mentioned in Flak

Cal Newport recently wrote an article about lifehacking for Flak Magazine. I’m honored to be mentioned alongside names like Steve Pavlina, Leo Babauta and Merlin Mann. Although a few of the details about me were off (I started the blog at 17 and I lived away from home going to University) most of it spot on.

And of course you deserve a mention as well. Thanks to everyone who gave information to Cal as readers of this blog from a request I made here. Thanks fellow lifehackers! I won’t steal any more of your time. :)


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5 Responses to “I’m Mentioned in Flak”

  1. Cool. That’s gotta feel good.

  2. Wow Scott! I just read the article in Flak… Wow does that make you look good! You are now officially a rock star =)

  3. Scott Young says:

    Thanks Alex. My lack of musical talents and groupies would beg to differ. But the mention was ego-boosting nonetheless.

  4. Damn right it feels good, live it up =)

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