Scott H Young

Where Are The Friday Links?

I’m guessing a few readers of the blog noticed there were no Friday Links yesterday.  Unfortunately, since Monday evening I’ve been sick in bed.  I’m hopefully in the recovery phase right now, but I’m still nowhere near 100%.  Posts for the week went out without problems because I do all my writing a week in advance (usually in 1-2 days, even if it is spread over the entire week).

This also means that there is a good chance I won’t be able to write anything until the 28th.  I’m already missing the beginning of a internet-free retreat with family due to the illness, so if I do recover, I’ll be spending the rest of the week in the land of no-email, no-internet and no-stress free-time.

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21 Responses to “Where Are The Friday Links?”

  1. july 19 says:

    […] in 1-2 days, even if it is spread over the entire week. This also means that there is a good chanc of the Rings Ends London Run July 19 PlaybillThe West End production of The Lord of the Rings […]

  2. Richard says:

    hope you get well soon


  3. 3nigma says:

    Don’t sweat it man. Get some rest. :)

  4. Li Wang says:


    I enjoy reading your blog very much. It is informative and encouraging. THANK YOU!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  5. Vincent says:

    Hope you get well very soon!

  6. Kali says:

    Good. Get your rest.

  7. Maureen says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon

  8. Senthil says:

    Hope you get well soon

  9. Laurie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know about the Friday Links. Sorry to hear it’s because you’re sick. :( I hope you get well soon and enjoy the time with your family in the land of no-stress :).

  10. Scott Young says:

    Thanks for the wishes everyone. I’m doing my best to speed up recovery.

  11. Karthik says:

    Get Well soon Scott.

  12. Get well soon and enjoy the holiday Scott!

  13. Donald says:

    Hope you get well soon, Scott.

  14. Thor says:

    Best getting well wishes. Your advices from this site and 30DT book are working for me, wanted to let you know.

  15. David says:

    Get better Scott!! Go easy on the chicken soup though : )

  16. Diego says:

    Be well Scott.

  17. Tim Brownson says:

    This may cheer you up Scott. I threw a question out on Twitter asking if you could only read one blog and had to ignore all the others, which would it be.

    The first answer that came back was yours! Can’t remember who said it now, but it was very complimentary.

    Not one blog had more than 1 person vote for it which coincidentally was 1 more than I got. I’m guessing they didn’t want to embarrass me ;-)

    Get well soon buddy.

  18. Scott Young says:

    Thanks Tim, hopefully I’ll be able to blog again soon.

  19. Scott,

    While I am sorry to hear you feeling ill. I am a bit disappointed in the way you are projecting your illness.

    Saying stuff, like “hopefully” I get well. “if I get better”, etc.

    You know this stuff isn’t how you project health and vibrant living.

    Hoping, wishing and wanting… they don’t work. You have to decide your outcome.

    You seem to be projecting more ill health instead.

    You will be in my thoughts… get better… don’t HOPE to get better, bro.

    Travis Wright

  20. Scott Young says:


    I think if anyone is as determined to be back in full swing it’s me. Perhaps I write to add a little humility to my normal, unfailing overconfidence…


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