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Vidcast #1 – My Goals

Here is my first attempt at vidcasting. All feedback is welcome, as it will help me decide whether to make this a regular part of the website.

My Goals

I’ve written a number of articles on goal-setting, so I feel it might be helpful to share a few of my goals and what I’m doing to reach them. I also discuss my approach of separating actions from results, so you can pinpoint your weaknesses when you aren’t achieving your goals.

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21 Responses to “Vidcast #1 – My Goals”

  1. Jaxson says:

    I like it Scott!

    Major thing – keep them short1

    This was perfect.

    I take notes on everything, and here I just took down –>

    3 Goals/Projects
    * separate into action-oriented and result-oriented components

    Then I wrote down my own tops 3 goals/projects, and separated them into components.

    I’d recommend making the vidcasts relatively themed/specific to a singular topic, and concise.

    Keep experimenting with them!

  2. Claudio Bruno says:

    Loved the video, was really refreshing and different in a good way to your usual posts. You should keep it up! :)

    Claudio, London

  3. Rob says:

    Nice change of pace, and also adds a more personal touch to the site.

    Although not specific to a video format, I like the fact that you’re tying some of the “theory” to real life examples in your own life.

  4. Michael says:

    I like this a lot. I’ve been reading your blog for the past few years and I have a ton of respect for you, and actually seeing you and hearing you speak makes what you usually say in articles that much more meaningful. Keep up the good work, and good luck accomplishing your goals.

  5. VTAMethodman says:

    I freakin love goals, but I think your missing something in your goal setting. For instance, I’m bilingual, primarily because I’m Canadian and I took three months to finally learn french while going to Grad school.

    I did this in three steps:

    1: I reviewed the 500 most used words in french and used them in conversation as often as possible.

    2: I got a French girl friend who only spoke french!

    3: “Most importantly” I refused to speak english for 2 weeks in the summer while I was writing my thesis.

    This made me completely fluent in under three months, I define fluency as actual Quebecers not knowing that I was an anglophone. I only had action goals so far as they restricted my ability to fail.

    So for instance, number 2 and 3 forced me into my goal whether I liked it or not.

    FYI, I suggest you don’t date French girls.

  6. Leiah says:

    I agree! A video definitely adds more weight to the message you’re trying to get across. Plus, it wasn’t too long or too short, and you’re easy to listen to.

    Good luck with your goals!

  7. George says:

    Nice post. A good break from the normal text postings. Adds a nice personal link between you and readers. Good luck with the goals. As for the fitness goal, why travel to the gym daily? As a bank exec and father of 3, I personally recommend the P90X workouts. Minimal equipment (at home), max results (kick butt).

  8. Akon says:

    Are you familiar with the Action Method?

    It’s an action-oriented approach to goal setting.

  9. Iair says:

    Great Scott!

    I would like to see more videos like this.

    Your approach on things is very useful for many of us, and I would like you to Make this type of Vidcast to fully express that.

    Doesn’t have to be new subjects or new script, Just go back to every Article you’ve written and Refresh and say it yourself, explain it yourself. That’s it.

    3.5 minutes is a great deal for getting most out of yours and our little amount of free time.

    Hope you can reach your goals. For bussiness I have a couple of suggestions:
    – Get into Facebook and you’ll take advantage of your readers to help you reaching new ones (the readers friends)
    – Twitter might be also helpful. You need to get to a broader audience.

  10. Scott Young says:


    My Facebook use is entirely non-professional, and I’m trying to keep it that way. But I am on Twitter, so feel free to follow. :)


    I’ve dated french girls before, and I can’t agree with your proscription. ;)

  11. Hey Scott!

    Love the vidcast, you should definitely do more! I agree with the people above that it adds a more personal touch to the information you provide here and to the website itself. G’luck with your goals, especially French, I’m Canadian and so I had to take French till grade 9, but as much as I love language learning, I haven’t yet been inspired to tackle French seriously. I should look into that *grins*

    I find reading my favourite books in [insert foreign language here, in your case French] really helps, books that I enjoy reading more than one time, more often than not you can find them in [French], and it’s a great way to learn the language, not the oral part of it, but the comprehension, listening to [French] music and podcasts is my way of increasing my verbal comprehension.

    Incorporating the language learning into things you already do and enjoy, adds not only a stimulating challenge but also helps you absorb and internalize the language faster. =)

    Best of luck,

  12. Hey Scott,

    Great video. A few years ago I went from 150lbs to 180lbs in 4 months of working out. I’d be happy to share what worked if you need any more thoughts…. You likely have it under control, but email me if you need anything.

    Keep using videos, they are great.


  13. gooday123 says:

    Scott, Good presentation. The more times you do it the better you’ll feel about your presentation. Take the comments it will help in finding your way. I think your doing good.

  14. Carm says:

    I love to read your writing and you always amaze me with how mature and professional you are for someone your age. I learn a lot when I read your stuff. When I saw there would be a video I wondered if you would be able to pull it off. But I loved it! You really did a great job.

    If I may I’d like to make one small suggestion. I don’t know if it’s possible to have a different background behind you, but I found the bed and computer a bit distracting and I kept thinking “gee it’s too bad he doesn’t have another place to do this.” If that is the only practical spot for your videos perhaps you could something up behind you to block the rest of the scene. Just a suggestion.

    Overall, I’m very impressed. You’ve done a better job than I could. Good luck to you!

  15. Scott Young says:


    Can you tell I have no professional film training? :)

    I’ll be experimenting with getting better quality videos in the future. I live in a small apartment suite with a roommate, with a bedroom doubling as a home-office, so that was the first choice for locale. But, I might branch out in the future.


  16. Greg says:

    Hey Scott,

    Great video.

    Here’s something to mess around with if you’re interested:

    Instead of doing it all in one take, this is a cool editing tip I learned from Eben Pagan about how to shoot your video in multiple segments but make it look like you did it all in one shot. This might help you create better flow and continuity in your video.

    First, shoot smaller segments as many times as needed to deliver your message as clearly and naturally as possible.

    Then when editing, learn to use the zoom and crop features of your video editor to create the illusion of a “zoomed-in” camera angle. So for each segment, you can create two different perspectives: one original frame, and one “zoomed-in” shot. Then take the best shots and when cutting from one to another, simply switch back and forth between the original frame and the “zoomed-in” shot.

    This creates the effect of having shot the video in one take flawlessly with a crystal clear message delivery. And it adds an element of professionalism as you appear to be shooting with two cameras.


  17. Scott Young says:

    Thanks Greg, I’ll look into doing that for my next one!

  18. […] I mentioned in my videocast, my fitness goal is to increase my muscle mass by 10 lbs in the next two months. I just completed a […]

  19. Asya says:

    Congrats on venturing into new territory! The vidcast approach has a lot of potential, but I would recommend using it with topics that have a visual component or example to get the point across.

    Currently there isn’t a whole of “value add” from the written version. In fact, you aren’t able to be as concise.

    I think you’re mindful of this, but it’s a good approach to repeat concepts in a video format. With these sort of postings, I would prefer to be able to refer back to a written post than have to replay a video.

    Keep up the good work with the blog!

  20. Ken says:

    Nice one Scott. Been following your blog for about a year now. The vids definitely are a nice addition. Hope you make a few more!

  21. shreevidya says:

    it was really nice approach of offering your thoughts. wish to ‘hear’ more from you.

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