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Call to Lifehackers

My friend Cal Newport is writing a piece on the lifehacker movement for a major publication. He would like your help. He’s looking to talk to people under 30 who are interested in personal development, productivity, lifehack interests.

To put it in his words:

My basic goal is to talk to as many young people as possible who take personal productivity seriously. I’m trying to put a finger on the pulse of this movement.

Cal is the author of a number of books aimed at students who want to be successful at university and college. I’ve corresponded with him a number of times.

If you are:

  1. Under 30
  2. Interested in topics such as productivity, personal development, GTD, and various life hacks
  3. Have time to answer a few questions

…send Cal an e-mail, because I’m sure he’d love to talk to you. You can e-mail Cal at and just tell him you want to help.

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