Welcome Lifehacker.com Readers

If you just stumbled across this blog via my Lifehacker.com feature on Double Your Reading Rate, I’d like to give you a big warm welcome to the website. I’m an 18 year old personal development writer/speaker, you can find out more about me here. In the archives there are over 200 posts on personal development, motivation, productivity and getting the most out of your life.

Here are some of the most popular articles and series from the website:

Habitual Mastery – Learn how to control your behaviors. Habitual Mastery is a five part series on what habits are, how to condition them, how to gain leverage, replacement theory and experimenting with new habits.

Enthusiasm – Unleash the power of emotion by utilizing your own enthusiasm.

Overcoming Discouragement – How to overcome short-term setbacks, disappointment and rejection.

Emotional Mastery – Learn how to control your emotions. Emotional Mastery is a six part series for mastering your short and long-term emotional states.

Energy Management – Forget time management, energy management is the art of productivity that doesn’t leave you burnt out. Manage your energy cycles for peak performance.

  • Joe Walters

    Without meaning to be rude, I find it difficult to believe an 18 year old could add much value to personal development. You’re no doubt very bright and have all the right words, but you could not have the abundance of life experiences to bring those words to life.

    I wish you luck and much time to truly find the meaning of all those things you write of. It will be interesting to see where you’re at in 20 years.

  • Thomas Soerensen


    I came across via Lifehacker. I will subscribe to your blog now and look forward to your future posts.


  • Scott Young


    I simply believe you are wrong. Although it may seem hard to see how someone who is 18 could have had “life experiences” everything I write on this website is the result of them. These aren’t just values and ideas I’ve read in a book and then written down, they are values I live. Where I don’t have experience I don’t write, surprisingly there is plenty life experience in 18 years to write about. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what will come of another twenty.

    But you are entitled to your opinion and I’m not in the business of pleasing everyone and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Pete

    Perhaps not only does he practice speed reading, but also speed living ? 😉

  • Scott Young


    I guess not subvocalizing for speed living would translate into not thinking?