Intro – Making Personal Growth Last (Series)

I recently read an article written by a man who had gone to a personal development seminar. In the article, the author points out that after getting all enthusiastic and motivated from the seminar, we usually come back and start trying to change our life. However after a few weeks or a few months this gradually dies down and we go back to our regular patterns of life, as if the seminar never happened.

This seems to be a common feature of a lot of personal development programs. People pick up a lot of enthusiasm and motivation and then go back down to their previous state. This really disheartens me as I know that the only way we can really achieve the kind of personal growth we want, we have to be in it for the long haul.

If we need to really be dedicated to personal growth for the long run to make it work, how can we create a commitment to personal growth that will allow us to integrate new ideas from seminars, books or audio programs permanently into our lives?

I started writing about this subject and decided that it was simply too long to stick to one blog article. So I’m going to have three more parts to this series for creating a lasting commitment to personal growth. Here are the three things I believe we need to make personal growth last so that we can have permanent change.

Continuous Growth:

The majority of improvements come from optimization, not little bursts of motivation. In this article I am going to tell you the four steps needed for introducing a permanent system of gradual improvement into your own life.

Manage your Motivation:

Motivation and enthusiasm are tricky to deal with from a long term perspective. We all need motivation to get us to take action, but for too many of us this comes in random spurts that isn’t sustainable. Here I will discuss how we can cultivate our motivation so that we can use it to fuel consistent personal growth.

Adopting Patience:

Most personal growth will take a long time and there may be periods of time when we can’t see the progress we are making. Here I will discuss how we can create patience that allows us to stay in for the long haul instead of for the quick fix.

I’ll add the next three entries in future blog posts so stay tuned!