Goal Setting Program

I no longer need testers for the prototyping project. The small program will be released in early August, so stay tuned. A big thanks goes out to all the people that helped me!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am working on a project to teach goal-setting. I am in a prototype testing stage with the project and I would like to get some more people to try it out and give me their feedback. The project isn’t currently at a beta-testing phase, so I’m looking more for testers to give me their general thoughts as opposed to a comprehensive search for bugs and defects.

The project attempts to combine written chapters (like an e-book) with interactive elements like those used in computer games. Each short chapter in the project will be followed with a few ‘levels’ in the interactive section that reinforce the ideas presented earlier. This blend of interactive elements and written elements is fairly new, so I need testers to help guide me in making changes and improving it.

I’ve written about half of the chapters already (each has a length of a bit longer than most my blog posts). The program likely won’t be very big when it is completed. Because of its fairly experimental format, I’m hoping to release the final version for free so I can improve it even more. If this format of interactive mixed with written elements works I am planning to follow it up with much larger and more extensive products.

If you’ve liked the articles I have written for this blog then I invite you to help me out. I have a lot of hope for the future of interactive methods of learning, but without adequate testing and feedback I won’t be able to get it past a prototype stage.

If you are interested in helping out, just send me a message and I can provide the download link. The more testers I can get to give me feedback the better. When I don’t need testers anymore I’ll edit this post, so until then anyone can contact me.