Donation Form

Over the short ten months that I have been running this website, I have heard from hundreds of people who have given me very kind words of support. This feedback has been tremendously encouraging and motivating for me to continue writing articles to this website.

It is for this reason that I just finished setting up a donations form with PayPal. It takes many different forms of payment and is user-friendly. It has always been my aim to be able to make a living helping people, so I thought I would like to offer the option of being able to leave a tip. Currently all the articles and programs on this website are completely free, and I hope your continued support will be able to keep it that way.

If this website has managed to help you in any way in your own life, consider leaving a tip. If you cannot afford to leave a tip (as a student, I can relate) then consider sending me message via the contact form. Hopefully your continued support will allow me to keep providing helpful articles, programs and services in the future.