What Are Your Goals?

I enjoy receiving reader comments, either through the comment form at the bottom of my posts or through e-mail. Occasionally I’ll get an e-mail from someone asking for advice in solving a problem or for more resources of information. I’ve found these little glimpses to be helpful in knowing where to take the content of this blog to address real issues in life.

I’d like to ask you a few questions about your goals, obstacles and life. You can be brief or lengthy, I’ll read all the responses and you can answer any questions you feel like (or even add responses to ones I haven’t asked). I’m hoping that in reading your responses I can improve the quality of the content for this blog.

  1. How old are you? (I certainly won’t be practicing ageism, but I’m curious as to who’s reading)
  2. What have been your favorite (or least favorite) entries to the site?
  3. What area of your life (finances, relationships, health, etc.) are you trying to improve most right now?
  4. What is a problem you’ve been trying to solve recently?
  5. What do you see as your more distant ambitions or goals for life?

I look forward to reading more about everyone. I’d also like to thank everyone who participated in the last survey, which gave me a lot of new ideas for how to shape this blog.

You can reply in the comments, or send me an e-mail which is private.

  • Wulfen

    1. Age: 30

    2. Favorite entries:

    Too many to mention, actually. The following list is by no means exhaustive. Perhaps the most useful article for me was:

    Respect Your State

    After a while of working on my inner game (self-esteem and beliefs) I was very suddenly brought down to my knees by a series of bad events. After trying unsuccessfully to raise my state, I finally understood that when bad things happens, it’s OK to feel bad, and let time heal the wounds. Coincidentally you published this article at the same time my real-life mentor explained more or less the same to me.

    Write What You Know

    Actually, I do this. Writing down your thoughts gives you even more understanding about what you know, apart from letting other people challenge your views in the comments, so you can even refine your perspective. 6 months after I started my website, I consider that by doing so I’ve increased my expertise in the field in question.

    Also writing down your feelings and emotions is a good practice to calm down the boiling thoughts and silence the inner voice. Akin to mediation, though meditation seems more effective to me.

    The Myth of Talent

    Yeah, so true. Nothing much to add there. What another man can do, so can you.

    Be Yourself, Law of Attraction and Other Pieces of Bad Advicehttp://www.scotthyoung.c…

    A pity I haven’t had time to reply to this one. The problem of blogs is that the shelf-life of the dicussion of an item is limited (that’s why I’ve decided to use a forum for the comments on my site).

    “Be Yourself” is the worst piece of advice ever. My take is “Be congruent with the identity you want to build”.

    “The Law of Attraction” well understood is OK (setting clear focus on your goals as to keep them in your mind and notice related things in your life that pertain to them, and can help you achieve them). The Law of Attraction as a secret psi superpower that can help you achieve goals even while being darn lazy, sorry, too new-agey for me 🙂

    I like “willpower” though. Discipline is a good thing to have. I agree that you can identify several sub-skills that conform your willpower, but I see it as a trait that you can have globally in your person.

    Ok, those were some of the articles I liked most. In general, what I like about your site is that you keep it real, your advice is very grounded on reality, and very practical. I am a naturally motivated person and I have enough willp^H^H^H^H^H … disciple to get in track, so I appreciate practical advice that can be put into use immediately. The daily to-do list being a perfect example of this, and something I’ve added to my GTD system.

    3. Area of improvement:

    I am trying to build traffic to my website, to make it a source of passive income. In the end I want to have several sources of passive income as to achieve financial independance (not to kickbox around, I’d rather keep working on my site(s) since I like a lot what I am doing).

    One thing I noticed about building a high-traffic website is that is way harder that I expected. Well, if it were too easy, everyone would be doing it. I’m building traffic slowly but surely, but I fear it will take a really really long time until the adsense income can pay for my rent. Oh well, I suppose I’m not quitting my day job yet 🙂

    4. What is a problem you’ve been trying to solve recently?

    I get very anxious when I work with people and they don’t hold their part of the deal. It severely drains my energy and my state. I’m developing a cinicism towards people, in the sense that I can enjoy my free time with them and be happy, but I feel that I cannot trust people in serious matters.

    I don’t like this, but time and time again people demonstrate me that they can’t be trusted when something serious is on the table, so more and more I tend to depend only on myself. I’m a socialite outdoors, and I can connect on an emotional level with almost everyone, but I don’t want to let any responsibilty at all on other’s people hands.

    Maybe I’m a perfectionist, and too hectic in my work, and this might be a bad thing. But if I don’t do the stuff that needs to be done, the sad truth is that it doesn’t get done.

    5. More distant ambitions or goals for life

    * Financial independence, enough passive income to be free to pursue all the things I want to achieve in life. I want to be able to live anywhere with my laptop and a wi-fi connection. This idea has been shown recently in the 4-hour workweek but I knew before a guy that had this lifestyle (Magnus from Bristol Lair) and found it a very nice goal to have.

    * Become a recognized authority in my field of expertise. Having a well-know website, writing books and so on.

    * Extreme physical fitness. I’ve been working at this for 3 years now and I’m ok right now (moderate build, weight at almost my ideal level for age and height) but I want to take it to the maximum.

    And that’s it 🙂 What a long comment! I hope it’s useful!


    Wulfen (Lobo Feroz)

  • Scott Young

    Thanks Wulfen. I’ve always enjoyed your comments on the site.

  • Jay Neely

    1. How old are you? (I certainly won’t be practicing ageism, but I’m curious as to who’s reading)

    I’m 20, soon to be 21.

    2. What have been your favorite (or least favorite) entries to the site?

    I couldn’t pick one out yet, and I haven’t been a reader for very long.

    3. What area of your life (finances, relationships, health, etc.) are you trying to improve most right now?

    Willpower, self-discipline.

    4. What is a problem you’ve been trying to solve recently?

    How to find readers willing to read the articles I write. They’re long, but well-written(according to my reviewers as well as my own opinion), and they provide what I feel is necessary context rather than just the latest-news-about-the-cool-new-thing. Magazines are still selling, so I know there’s a market for in-depth coverage, but how do I find it in a blogosphere that’s mostly Top 10 lists, quick links, and an occasional 3-paragraph article.

    5. What do you see as your more distant ambitions or goals for life?

    Becoming one of the go-to guys for opinions on my field, online communications.

    Looking forward to reading more from you Scott!

    Jay Neely, Social Strategist

  • Marijean

    1. 36
    2. Favorite entry: http://www.scotthyoung.com/blo
    As someone who works at home, I found this take interesting and helpful.
    3. I’m trying to improve work/life balance and find ways to be more productive with both my personal and professional lives.
    4. Being too “busy” with low accomplishment (by my standards).
    5. Retiring at a reasonable age (60?) without worry about finances.

  • Andy Drish

    Hey Scott – Love the site! It’s great to see some another young person blogging! I’m a 21 year old marketing/psychology major at Drake University in Des Moines, IA.

    Where do you plan to attend school this fall?

    Some of the posts I enjoy the most are the random tid-bits of advice. For instance, the post about doubling your reading. I would never look something like that up, but I benefited by reading it.

    Areas of improvement – a few things: working out, eating right, getting into a habit of setting goals.

    Solving a problem – How can i do more in less time? What do I want to do when I “grow up”?

    Aspirations – become a professional speaker and author

    You’ve got some great stuff – Hard to believe you’re not even 19 yet! What are you doing for your last summer before college?

  • Gilbert

    1. 17
    2. I really like the blogs about holistical learning.
    3. I’m trying to improve most my academic and relationship life.
    4. Lately, I’ve been trying to get over my last relationship.
    5. My goal for life is to excel in university and connect the right network nodes to make a successful startup.

  • JohnPlace

    Age: 34

    Favorite Article: Energy Management.

    When I find myself in over my head (which does happen), I ask myself the following 3 questions:

    1) Is my energy expenditure causing me to grow in an area where I want or need it?
    2) Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
    3) Can I reach the light without damaging myself or others?

    If I can answer yes to all three questions, I usually keep going, despite my energy defecit. Positive growth leads to increased capacity, meaning that I’ll be better equipt to handle energy imbalances in the future if I keep growing.

    The area where I’m seeking the most improvement: Like Wulfen, I’m trying to establish a presence online. At the moment, I’m doing this for fun, not profit.

    Long Term Goals: Complete reconciliation of my inner self with my daily activities. I’ve been moving toward reconciliation for several years, but it’s a daily journey.

    I hope this helps, Scott. Keep up the good work.

  • Scott Young

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!


    I’ve already finished my first year of University. As for this summer, mostly work (both on this website and at a job).

  • The Happy Rock

    Age : 28
    Favorite Post : Speedreading
    Focus : Productivity(right now at least)
    Problem : Introducing more natural rewards into my job
    Goals : Great Father and Husband, and Philanthropic Genius

  • Bryan Villarin

    1. 25

    2. The one that drew me to your site was “How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying.” Simply amazing, and I think school generally isn’t taught with this mentality.

    I tried to have this exact mindset when studying for my recent religion final. I passed! (My blog post)

    3. All of the above that you mentioned. I want to be a better guitarist, too.

    4. I’m starting my own business and I’ve been getting over my fear of rejection and discomfort of new interactions.

    5. a) Get out of debt.

    b) Build my business to the point where I have passive income.

    c) Get my mom out of her jobs so she can relax or join me in the business. Or, retire her back in her home country of the Philippines or Hawaii – I think she mentioned that before.

    d) Use part of my income to help take my band on tour.

    e) I still live with my mom, but I’d like to move into my own place. She’s a pack rat, and I’d like to be a minimalist. 🙂 This WILL happen. I believe!

    f) Buy my own house.

    Keep up the awesome writing, Scott!

  • Scott Young

    Thanks Bryan!

  • YuGho

    1. I am going to be 21 years old soon
    2. I haven’t browsed website for some time, and I’ve missed several posts. My favorite one for now is
    “Be Yourself, Law of Attraction and Other Pieces of Bad Advice”
    3. I really want to improve everything on myself.I’m seeking for something that can give motivation,.
    – Confidence. I’m trying hard to be confident with myself, as I’m looking for a job now, it’s impossible to ensure other ppl without me being confident with myself.
    – I’m also losing my way, I don’t know what job exactly I want to do.
    5. My goals of life would be helping people. I wanna be a success people so that I can help others.