Friday Links 08-06-27

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What You Say is Who You Are – Tim shares an entry about how the words you use regularly have an impact on your life.  I strive to avoid “must” and “have-to” when it comes to how I spend my time.  One word can mean the difference between being forced into a situation and having choice.

Awesome How to Change a Habit Review – I don’t normally link to reviews of my writing, but this guy actually made a video!

From the Archives

Should You Read More Fiction? – I used to be 95% non-fiction, but in the last year, I’ve made the switch to about 50/50 fiction and non-fiction.  This article explains my reasoning behind the ratio shift.

From the Shelf

Survivor – This is another novel by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club.  Palahniuk is a fantastic writer and is both entertaining and insightful at the same time.  This book follows the life story of a former cult-member, turned media-messiah as he dictates his story to the flight recorder of a Boeing 747 before it crashes into the Pacific.

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  • Shanel Yang

    Palahniuk is definitely one of my favorite writers, uncomfortably disturbing as his can be at times (Monsters; Haunted; Lullaby). The last book I bought was Rant. Another mindbender! I noticed he has a new one out when I was in the book store the other day. Forget the name of it, but I’ll be sure to get to it soon. The only stuff I haven’t read from him are his short stories. Glad to find out we share this interest!

  • GreatManagement

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for including my mad video! I just had to do it, crazy. By the way, it is a great book and I am proof it works!

    And another thing, I have stopped biting my nails! How great is that? I have bitten my nails for years and years – well all my life (from when I could). I have tried to stop before and only lasted a few weeks. This time it has been a couple of months and I have no inclination to start biting again.

    Oh, no I can see another video coming – just a video of my nails pretending they are talking.

    What do you think – shall I do another mad video?

    What do your customers think – yes or no?


  • Scott Young


    Thanks for the promotion. I appreciate the attention.