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Free Hugs and Escaping Your Comfort Zone – Vlad posts a brief entry about how he broke from his comfort zone. If you aren’t regularly doing something that embarrasses you or scares you shitless, you aren’t living life.

Graduate School, 2.0 – Be interesting and change the world.

Define Your Fears – Great video from Tim Ferriss on why defining your worst-case fears is more important than goal-setting.

Does Living Abroad Make You More Creative? – Correlation isn’t causation, but considering I’m living in France next year, I found this piece intriguing.

From the Archives

Get More From Life – Some readers might not have realized that I actually have a free, pdf e-book containing the most popular articles from the website.

Or that you can get a book containing the best 80 articles as a paperback through Lulu. The book is sold at cost, so I don’t make any profits from it.

Friday Goals Update

For improving this website, I’ve completed writing the main pdf for my new guide Think Outside the Cubicle. As of right now, I’m estimating this is going to be my biggest release to date and will eclipse Learn More, Study Less in terms of content. From experience, I’ve found my e-books continue to sell years after they are written. So, I’m investing a lot of time and energy to make a detailed guide, rather than cheap, fluffy pieces I can churn out every few months.

For my fitness goal, I’m roughly halfway to my weight goal of 165 lbs. However, if I don’t reach it by the end of the month, I can still continue working on it. I’ve learned not to stress over deadlines for results-based goals.

For learning to speak French, I’ve started using some of the great audio content available at LingQ. The first time I saw the website I thought you had to pay to use the service, but you can actually access most of the audio content for free. The learning system feels natural and the dialogs are more interesting that typical language learning fluff.

  • Oscar

    I’ve just started following your blog, but I’ve found this link exchange to be very useful, thanks!

  • Hey

    Didn’t know you had a paperback. Am much more inclined to buy stuff in that format, so thanks.

  • HL in WA

    A thought on your weight goal, and the caveat of “if I don’t reach it by the end of the month.” You are right not to stress it if you don’t make it, its all good. However here is a slightly different (and perhaps motivating way) to think of it.

    I’ve been reading “Wake up and Live” by Dorthea Brande, and the essance of it is “Act as if it were impossible to fail.” This eliminates fears of failure that hold you back or which sabotage your efforts. Simply decide that it is impossible to fail, and you will lay out your own path to perfect success.

    What if ‘not reaching’ your desired weight was impossible. If you lived as if it were impossible to fail, what would open up inside you? What does open up inside you when you visualize a world where it is impossible to fail?

    What steps do you understand you must manifest in order to achieve your desire… Work out once more, or twice more per week? Eat the most appropriate foods all day every day, not missing any meals or eating empty foods?

    I am using the power of this thought to lose weight; since I have decided in myself that it is impossible for me to fail to lose the weight I desire to lose, I simply eat fewer and healthier snacks, smaller meal portions, workout more often and with more energy, and there is no discipline or will power needed. I see my desired result, I understand that it is impossible to fail, and so I manifest my result successfully, without wasting time and energy struggling with a ‘can I do it?’ doubting mentality that has held me back in the past.

    Obviously this way of viewing the world can be used for all kinds of goals beyond weight and fitness; and in fact should mature into a complete world view. What would you be doing right now on the most important aspects of your life if it were impossible to fail?

    I hope I’ve been able to convey the incredible freedom, power, and energy I find in this idea…if not, read the book, its worth it =)

  • Scott Young

    HL in WA,

    That’s pretty typical goal-setting advice, and it’s the kind I normally stay away from. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for some people. Just that my goal-setting philosophy isn’t about faith.


  • VJ in Australia

    HL in WA:

    i got a lot out of what you said . . . thx


    not sure where the issue of ‘faith’ comes into the discussion – perhaps it would be better to find the positive in someone’s comment than be quite so dismissive – maybe not what you intended but it came off that way . . .

  • Scott Young


    Sorry, I meant faith in the more general sense, that meaning belief in something without any evidence.

    I’m not trying to be dismissive, simply that my goal-setting philosophy is quite different and I try to avoid much of that advice, despite how common it is within self-help.

    Just a difference of opinion.