Learning on Steroids is now open

Learning on Steroids is a program I’ve been building over the last five years to help students, professionals and self-educators learn better. I only offer it once a year, after which I close registration.

If you’ve been following anything I’ve been writing about the MIT Challenge, the year without English or my other learning advice, and you’re interested in seeing how you could do it yourself, this program shows you how.

Click here to learn more about the program.

After September 29th, the program will be closed again, so make sure you check it out before then.

  • Becca Britten

    Your case studies alone are so thorough, and so inspiring. Some people hit such a roadblock with study habits, thinking if they spend longer at it, they’ll learn more and do better in school, but it can be so disheartening for young people, and it’s not okay to feel like a wall has gone up between learning and the learner so early in life. I’m showing this to a teenage son who is very into graphic art and design and in his junior year of high school but attending vocational school also. You are as driven as he is, and you exemplify everything that goes right by trying hard.

  • Sebastian Aiden Daniels

    Thank you for putting on the course. It is helpful to learn these techniques to make the most use of your time. The recommendations from people are quite compelling. I have to look into possibly registering. I’m not in school right now and at the same time I can see how it could still be helpful in our day to day lives.