Watch Me Rap in Korean

Oh the things I agree to do…

Five months ago, while Vat and I were in Korea, wrapping up the last stop in our year without English, Vat told me he had a different idea for our final video. I was happy with the other three, so I told him he could do whatever he wanted for the final project.

“I want to do a video with us rapping in Korean.”

That was the idea. What’s more, he wanted to share the bewilderment of trying to understand a foreign culture and language. So from the lyrics, he specifically picked out Korean expressions to try to convey the strangeness of being outside your comfort zone.

Now, after considerable delays due to trying to coordinate our post-travel schedules, the final video for Korea is here:

Yes, it’s as weird and ridiculous as it sounds.

  • Mu

    It’s actually really good, I enjoyed watching it!
    Vat’s super talented in video and music editing. And it was nice to see the challenge in a fun light, with humour and music..

  • Bruce Harpham

    Scott, this is visually quite striking. Well done! This makes the awkwardness foreign language learning look like fun.

  • Jonathan

    You should name the album Straight Outta Calculus.

  • Fernando Archetti

    That was great! Who was singing? Awesome quality, well done.

  • Scott Young


    We were!


  • 1984

    My mother tongue is Korean, and it was impressing how I could understand you quite easily!

  • Kwangjae Lee

    와우 5달동안 많이 늘었네요 랩도 대단해요!!

  • Kwangjae Lee

    와우 5달동안 많이 늘었네요 랩도 대단해요!!