Friday Links for 07-04-27

Once again it’s Friday links. Here are some resources from the web, the archives and the shelf to keep you busy over the weekend.

From the Web

Two Views on Personal Finance – I subscribe both to I Will Teach You to Be Rich and Get Rich Slowly. Ramit Sethi of is a great writer with an easy-to-read conversational tone where he challenges your assumptions on wealth and takes on popular opinion. J.D. Roth of has frequent updates with tons of great personal finance information.

Life Coaching Expert – Not a blog, but their site is polished and it has quite a few articles. Worth a look.

Goals to Action – Good personal development blog by Rodger Constandse.

From the Archives

Relationship Geeks – An Interview With Phil Gerbyshak

I did an interview with the relationship geek himself, Phil Gerbyshak several months ago. Phil is one of the best online networkers I’ve met, connecting with hundreds of people throughout the web. The interview will be helpful for anyone who is looking for ideas for how to create and maintain online relationships. Phil writes for Make It Great! and he is a new PBN member.

From the Shelf

Buddhism – Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen

As part of my ongoing effort to construct a meaningful life philosophy, I’ve read a lot about Eastern religions to contrast my typical Western exposure. This text on Buddhism is one of the best I’ve read. One of the unfortunate side-effects of religion is that the core philosophy often gets blended with a lot of superstition. Hagen does an excellent job of getting right to the core of what the basic philosophy of Buddhism is.

If you liked Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, or are interested in philosophy I’d suggest checking it out. It’s a quick read and I found it more interesting than the Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness.

  • Al Brown

    Eckart Tolle is awesome.

    I’m a person that doesn’t really go for anything that is not scientifically proven or that I can’t validate through my own personal experience. Eckart Tolle presents stuff like that too, but his information about how the mind works and how to connect with the body is the most spot on stuff I’ve ever read. You CAN find peace within your self.

  • Scott Young


    I enjoyed Eckhart’s book too. I feel I did it a bit of a disservice, because I’ve heard so much of his work diffused in other sources that his book felt more familiar than groundbreaking.


  • Ken D

    I read Eckhart’s book years ago and found it very interesting. Like you, I delved deeply into Eastern philosophy and religion to counteract my western upbringing. I found a lot of the eastern stuff congruent to how I ‘felt’ the world was working.

    On the Personal Finance side of your post, have you been to…. I found the intro video to be informative to the idea that led to the site but it’s 90 minutes lont. I sat through it because I found it very interesting.

    You can skip the intro video and go right to the main site:

    It might be a place you want to check out to get some internet coverage on some of your products. I think it’s a great concept and it bases it’s premise on free content leading to paid content. With the quality of your writing Scott I think you could really get the ball moving in the area of selling products online and get yourself some nice exposure as a content provider there.

    Not sure if I should have just emailed you the links, but I stuck them in the comment as non-active links.

  • Ken D

    oops… I thought they would be inactive. Sorry about that Scott.

  • Scott Young

    No problem Ken,

    I’ll check them out.