Upcoming E-Book

I’m putting the finishing touches on my second e-book for the site, How to Change a Habit. Those of you familiar with my Holistic Learning E-Book will probably recognize the style of screen formatted pages with helpful images done by yours truly. This book is almost three times the length of Holistic Learning, and is filled with a lot of information I’ve never covered on this site or in Habitual Mastery
Another difference with this book is that I plan to sell it. I haven’t settled on a final price yet, but I’m expecting somewhere between 10-20 dollars. I’m expecting the book will go for sale nearing the end of June, possibly sooner.

That said, I’m currently looking for a small group of people to weigh in their thoughts and help refine the book before it’s released (I’ve got enough previewers now, thanks for your time). Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • People who can give specific critiques to the content of the book to improve it before it goes on sale. This would require being able to read the roughly 80 page book and give back feedback before 7-10 days of my e-mailing the document. Longer than this and it will be difficult to implement any changes or suggestions before release.
  • People who can read the book and offer a review that I can later quote on the homepage for the book. The reviews don’t need to be favorable or flattering, just honest opinions about the value of the e-book.
  • People who can not only read the book but try out some of the techniques I propose and be willing to offer testimonials that I can quote on the homepage for the book. Once again, I don’t need glamorized stories, just someone who is willing to try some of the specific tips I give and offer real feedback for how it worked for them.

What will you get out of this? A free copy of the book, plus anyone who offers good information will be appended to an Acknowledgments section in the book and on the site (including a link to your blog or webpage if it is appropriate).

If you’re interested in fulfilling any of these roles, just give me an e-mail. The roles aren’t mutually exclusive (you could do all three if you want!) and you don’t have to sign up for a specific one. I just set out the roles to indicate what kind of help I’m looking for. I’d be grateful for any assistance.

One more thing. Starting in June and continuing towards July 1, I’ll save a free copy of the e-book for the person who offers the best comments (through the comments form) during this time period. It is based completely on my subjective opinion of the value the comments adds to the original posts. Have fun and thanks for reading! 🙂

I’ve closed new requests for copies of the e-book because I already have received far more entries than I had expected. I appreciate everyone’s willingness to lend me a hand here. Stay tuned for the book which will be out in a few weeks!