Problems With the Site?

It looks like I have to call on my smarter readers once again. If you have any technical skills, I’d appreciate some help as the website has been doing something bizarre. It seems that an iframe has spontaneously set itself on top of the post headlines. I haven’t changed the formatting of the website in any way, and I can’t locate the section of code that is causing this.

In Internet Explorer, the page looks like this:

Funky IFrame

Since I’ve done nothing to change the formatting of the website, I’m curious as to whether this is a piece of malicious code that was inserted somehow, or simply a formatting error. If anyone has technical skills and can lend a hand, please respond either in the comments to this post or e-mail me at:

Update – I seem to have managed to disable the rogue code. It was a javascript tag. I’m still not sure how it got on the site, or what security measures I need to take to prevent this in the future. If someone knows a little more than I do about this, please e-mail me and I’ll send some of the details. I’d like to fix any holes as soon as possible.

  • Luciano Passuello

    My best guess is Google Adsense. I know they’ve been rolling out some new kind of “interactive” ads, although I’m not sure of the details.

    To debug such issues, my suggestion is that you use the Firebug extension for Firefox. I’m not sure I have enough skills to help, but if you need anything specific, please let me know by e-mail.

  • Thomas

    Looks fine here in IE7, Windows XP SP2.

  • Scott Young

    Thanks everyone. I managed to remove the rogue code, so you can’t see any problems now, but as the screenshot shows, it wasn’t like that yesterday. If I continue to experience problems I’ll have to invest in stronger security features for the site.

  • Eric

    Scott, can u show me what that rogue code is coz i am experiencing the exact same thing – thank u!!