Reader Question: How has this site helped you?

I get a lot of glowing praise in my inbox for this website. Compliments are nice, but frankly, they are pretty useless. My goal in writing isn’t to give people something nice to read each morning, but hopefully translate that writing into an improvement in quality of life. I’d much rather get a comment that says most my writing is crap but one article helped make a real change than someone who loved everything but did nothing.

I’ve been pulled in many different directions with my writing over the past six months. With writing style I’ve experimented with:

  • Longer entries (> 1500 words)
  • Shorter entries (< 600 words)
  • Lists of tips
  • How to articles
  • Generalized “self-help” style articles
  • Specific, practical, “lifehack” style articles

Between these styles I’ve also been varying my content between subjects like:

  • Habits
  • Rationality/Philosophy
  • Productivity
  • Social/Communication Skills
  • Learning
  • etc.

With so many different directions this blog has been taking lately, I’d like to poll some of your feedback. Namely:

  1. What improvements in your life have you made through reading this blog?
  2. What style and subject of article do you enjoy reading? Which have had the biggest impact on changes in your life?
  3. If I were to focus on one new project/product/expansion of the website, what would you like to see?

I thrive on honest feedback to get measurements, so don’t flatter me if you don’t feel it. My goal with this site has always been to make real change. Just send me a comment to this post or an e-mail. I can’t respond to each suggestion, but every opinion counts.

  • Rahul


    I honestly think your material is intriguing and very helpful. The first post I read was your post on “How to Ace your Finals Without Studying,” and remember my paradigm towards learning shifting immediately. To this day, I continue to think in a web-like way when it comes to learning.

    I think articles that make your readers think about how the subject matter applies to their life are the best. For example, your recent article about the 10-d universe was extremely insightful and interesting, however it really provided no room for an “ah ha!” moment, in my opinion.

    The “popular articles” section on this site is a good example of this. These articles give readers something to start applying today, and reading any one of them can cause a huge shift in mindset. They are all great.

    That’s my honest opinion of my site. I think you’re doing a great job. I think you provide a lot of valuable content.


  • ZHereford

    Scott, first of all your willingness to put yourself ‘out there’ and be willing to take criticism and learn from it, is most admirable. That in itself is a lesson for the less hardy.

    Secondly, whether anyone actually takes physical action based on your articles, you make us THINK!

    You are more than doing your part.

  • Chris

    These are just my personal opinions out of thousands so I’ll keep it general.

    I enjoy your non-habits/productivity/efficiency posts the most. I know the productivity area is your bread and butter, but I think you’re a smart enough guy that you can start writing on a much wider range of topics and still be able to make them unique and insightful by default.

    On a more general note, I fully admit to often reading personal development blogs more for the quick infotainment value than because I want to implement the advice. I’m not sure how to avoid this, or if you fully want to. Longer, less ‘quick tips’ oriented posts would probably weed out the casual readers, but may hurt you overall…

  • Anam

    1. What improvements in your life have you made through reading this blog?

    My learning style has recently taken a completely new turn, for the better by reading your articles as well as other life hacks. I am definitely focusing more on quality of studying as opposed to quantity and am currently reading your free e-book on holistic learning. The productivity articles have been a huge help, although I have yet to use all these tips, I have already become more productive and been able to do more in a day.

    2. What style and subject of article do you enjoy reading? Which have had the biggest impact on changes in your life?

    As a student the productivity and learning articles are the most helpful to me as I can incorporate these into my lifestyle but I do enjoy other articles such as social/communication skills as they are still useful.

    3. If I were to focus on one new project/product/expansion of the website, what would you like to see?

    Better organisation of articles, the archives is not grouped in any particular order and I think if it did have sub-headings then it would be far easier to go back to relevant articles.

  • Jean Browman–Cheerful Monk

    I’m fairly new to this site, but I can say your post about goalless action resonated with me. The one about the 10-d universe didn’t. I prefer shorter posts, ones that make their point quickly. Hope that helps some.

  • Reese

    Those who are content to passively read your work are not going to be able to follow through with your ideas. Only by following your path of self-discovery and journalism will someone be able to truely emulate you. Even then I think of when Siddartha went to Bhudda for enlightenment and found that he couldn’t follow anothers path to find his own nirvana, he had to make his own way.

  • zdoll

    I like your articles on productivity and learning best, since I am a college student with ambitious goals. I try to implement your ideas and advice into my life, and so far I have had positive results.

    I could be wrong, but I think you could improve your blog by tweaking your prose style a bit. Sometimes it is too dry and technical, and readers of a humble intelligence level may find your writing hard to understand. You could clarify some of your key phrases (define vague phrases after you use them), explain metaphors in greater depth, and provide more examples that may apply to peoples’ lives, or even include more examples from your personal life.

    I think you should have a little more fun in your writing style and make it more natural, fluid, and reader friendly. Do not be afraid to indulge in some humor, your personal beliefs and opinions, or more references to interesting material that has inspired some of your ideas (such as books or quotes). A more dramatic, enriched, and enthusiastic tone would help to emphasize the relevance of your ideas and show how much they mean to you, and could possibly mean to your readers too. Our technically advanced era is filled with too much data and not enough meaning, so do try to add some creativity and interpretation to your straight-forward articles (although, I do think your ideas are creative).

    My main point is to work on your form over substance, because the substance of your articles is already good enough.

    I hope my critique was not too criticizing.


  • Scott Young

    Thanks for the tips zdoll. I’ll keep that in mind.