Reader Question: How has this site helped you?

I get a lot of glowing praise in my inbox for this website. Compliments are nice, but frankly, they are pretty useless. My goal in writing isn’t to give people something nice to read each morning, but hopefully translate that writing into an improvement in quality of life. I’d much rather get a comment that says most my writing is crap but one article helped make a real change than someone who loved everything but did nothing.

I’ve been pulled in many different directions with my writing over the past six months. With writing style I’ve experimented with:

  • Longer entries (> 1500 words)
  • Shorter entries (< 600 words)
  • Lists of tips
  • How to articles
  • Generalized “self-help” style articles
  • Specific, practical, “lifehack” style articles

Between these styles I’ve also been varying my content between subjects like:

  • Habits
  • Rationality/Philosophy
  • Productivity
  • Social/Communication Skills
  • Learning
  • etc.

With so many different directions this blog has been taking lately, I’d like to poll some of your feedback. Namely:

  1. What improvements in your life have you made through reading this blog?
  2. What style and subject of article do you enjoy reading? Which have had the biggest impact on changes in your life?
  3. If I were to focus on one new project/product/expansion of the website, what would you like to see?

I thrive on honest feedback to get measurements, so don’t flatter me if you don’t feel it. My goal with this site has always been to make real change. Just send me a comment to this post or an e-mail. I can’t respond to each suggestion, but every opinion counts.