Friday Links 07-12-28

From the Web

Here are a few articles I’ve done recently on other websites:

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From the Archives

10 Ways to Improve Your Energy – “Although our ability to organize our time is limited to the number of hours in the day, our ultimate potential for improving energy has far fewer physical limitations.”

From the Shelf

Atlas Shrugged – I’m midway through reading Ayn Rand’s epic novel (over 1200 pages). The book is about the virtue of human selfishness and Rand’s unique philosophy on life. I believe many of the themes the book presents are valid, but the novel tends to paint characters in a black and white manner exaggerating the battle in good versus evil.


    Right but that is the point, people are good or evil, a little evil is still evil, and good as heroic, as it should be

  • Marina @ Sufficient Thrust

    “Atlas Shrugged” is my favorite book of all time. I hope you’re enjoying it!

  • Kakalina

    My mother refers to “Atlas Shrugged” as the greatest book of unintentional humor of all time.

  • Scott Young


    If you’re looking for unintentional humor, I’d try to stay away from books that are 1200 pages… 😉