Learn Faster, Get More Done: The Free 1-Week Bootcamp

Two days ago I sent this email to my private newsletter:

In two days, I’m launching a one-week bootcamp, showing you how you can learn faster, get more work done and take action.

Best of all, it’s completely free.

Over the next ten days, I’ll be sending you free guides, video tutorials and case studies of learners who have  had huge wins in their lives and studies by using the methods.

I don’t just want you to sit and read, I want you to take action.

Each module I’ll be giving you a specific action step. They are designed to be simple and fun, not gruelling. The goal is to take that first step, so you can build momentum.

Today I launched the first day’s module for the bootcamp, with a free video and tactics for learning more.

The bootcamp will be continuing for the next 7 days, and I’ll be giving out several more free guides and videos for learning more.

If you’re interested, make sure you sign up for my free newsletter, since about half of the content will only be accessible to people who have signed up for the emails.

After the bootcamp finishes, I’ll be reopening Learning on Steroids, my monthly program for learning faster and getting more work done. However, I’m only keeping it open for 72 hours and 500 students (in the past, we’ve sold out in just over 30 minutes).

Even if you can’t join for some reason, check out the free bootcamp, since I’ll be putting up a lot of content over there during the next week, and I can’t promise it will stay up there once the bootcamp is finished.

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  • Nicky Spur

    Congrats on this release bro — inspiring ideas and a well done video.

  • Amelia

    Hi Scott,
    I started teaching karate about 10 years ago and really struggled with remembering students and their parents names. Eventually I came up with a way of remembering: by linking their name with someone whom I already knew with the same name. If I didn’t know someone with the same name, I came up with another link any way possible. e.g. I started teaching a girl name Shameika; uncommon name right? I knew a girl in high school named Tamika, so I made that link, and then, because she was a loud girl I was always telling her to ssshhhh (be quiet)!! Shhhh Tamika turned into Shameika. Easy done. 🙂
    Love your work Scott! Cheers!

  • Big Recovery

    Hi Scott,

    Bediuzzaman is the master of metaphors. He is the writer of Risale-i Nur collection. For such metaphors you can have a quick look at some of his words here (they are heavily religious but highly remarkable texts):


    Just in case you wanna have a collection of metaphors about life…

    Thanks for the inspiring ideas, and keep up good work.