Free Learn Faster Bootcamp (Starts Tomorrow)

I enjoy writing articles, but what I really like is when people take action and use the ideas. Starting tomorrow I’m putting on a one-week free bootcamp designed to teach you the skills to be more productive and learn faster. Every day I’ll send out a new idea as well as a quick action step so you can build momentum with new habits.

Once the week is over, I’ll reopen Learning on Steroids, and continue with a select group. I haven’t had a new opening of Learning on Steroids for over a year now, and I don’t know when I’ll do it next. If you’ve been interested in building better habits, this is your chance.

The bootcamp will only be delivered to people on my free newsletter, however. I’m not posting the content to this blog or to RSS. It’s completely free, and you can easily unsubscribe, so if you’re not currently on the email list sign up here. If you’re not sure whether you’re enrolled, you can enter your email address anyways (it won’t double subscribe you, if you already are subscribed).

Here’s a brief outline of a few of the ideas I’m going to share for free over the next seven days:

  • The exact time management system I used to complete the MIT Challenge
  • How to get through hundreds of pages of reading, without losing focus
  • Which note-taking technique you should use (and which common one you should never use)
  • The technique to boost your memory, so you remember content years after the class was taught
  • How to always have confidence before taking any exam

Again this is completely FREE, but only to people on the email list.

I’ll try to send links to the previous days’ content, in case you’re late by a day or two, but otherwise I won’t be archiving the bootcamp publicly. That means if you miss it, it’s gone.

  • George Millo

    Thanks, looking forward to it!

  • sarah

    Thank you Scott. This bootcamp come right on time. I’m laser focused now to reach my goal. I picked up a second job to get myself out of debt and 4 university class so i can finosh my bachelor degree to become a financial planer. Your MIT challenge was a huge inspiration and can’t wait to start your bootcamp. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Raymundo Valdez

    Thanks Scott. I’m very interested.

  • Moots

    It looks interesting. But what’s the difference between your ebook “Learn more, study less” and “Learning on steroids”?

  • charlie

    Yes yes yes! Please do that!!! Really love to learn about your note taking skill!! Thanks a lot Scott!

  • Scott Young


    Learn More, Study Less is a book (and also a course), Learning on Steroids is a subscription with new content each month and emails every week. Some of the ideas overlap, but the format is different so you can take action on the ideas.

  • Peterandrewfaber

    I will definately stay updated on this. Thanks!

  • Filip Book

    Will also stay updated on this, thanks Scott 🙂

  • Alex

    Hey Scott,
    We at Fair Shake would love to add some of your frustration tips to a prisoner reentry guide. I’m trying to contact you via email but I fear I may have been sorted into spam because I attached two documents. The two documents are what your content would look like in our packet and a permission request form. If you are interested please contact me, I too will keep reviewing this blog to see if you respond. Thank you for your time!

  • Deepti

    I ‘m looking forward for it!

  • teng chong

    i need it!

  • Bob

    Thanks so much! Scott.
    These guidances will be really helpful.

    Looking forward to it. 🙂

  • Wesley

    Just signed up, looking forward to the boot camp.

  • Young

    I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

  • Anthony Milton

    Just checked in.