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I just finished writing my newest e-book, How to Change a Habit. The book has over eighty pages of content, with full-color illustrations, detailing exactly how to change a habit. The book is being published by Lulu and costs 14.99 USD.

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How to Change A Habit - 14.99

Writing the e-book has been a great experience, as I finally got to compile a much more extensive look at how to change habits than I possibly could have represented in Habitual Mastery alone. It’s been over a year since I wrote those five short articles, and I’ve done a lot more research and practice to improve on the methods I outlined back then.

Here’s a few of the ideas presented in the book:

  • Basic/Advanced Techniques – The book covers from the extreme basics to get you started right away and builds up into the advanced techniques I’ve found helpful when making tricky changes.
  • Outline of the First Thirty Days – I consider the thirty day trial to be a good basic start for changing habits. In this book I’ve given a more detailed breakdown of how the first thirty days actually work, what to expect and how to avoid many of the mistakes I made when I started using them.
  • Triggers – An advanced technique I’ve put together from various sources and experimentation, I’ve found it really helpful in making a change stick more easily.
  • Replacement Theory – Although I dabbled in the idea of replacement in Habitual Mastery, I go into more depth in when and how you should use this. I’ve also included personal examples from my own life of how I use replacement theory to make changing habits easier.
  • Operant Conditioning – Psych buff’s will probably have heard of this before, but here I apply some of B. F. Skinner’s groundbreaking research to changing habits. This is an important ingredient I completely omitted in Habitual Mastery that finally gets some deserved attention.
  • Achieving Goals with Habits – How do you use habit changing to achieve goals? I tackle this subject by delving into how I’ve broken down vague and far-off goals into concrete habit changes. Habits have always been important in goal-setting, but I haven’t seen many concrete guides for how to turn your goals into a specific change of behavior.
  • Dealing with Logistics – How can you organize your habit changes so they actually fit in with your life? I’ve made changes that I couldn’t sustain because they weren’t practical. I offer a chapter in the book devoted to avoiding such mistakes.
  • Mastery – The questions you should ask yourself and thinking points to consider when making a change.

You can learn more about the e-book at it’s homepage at:

Or you can purchase the book from for 14.99.

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Special Thanks to the Reviewers

I’d like to offer my thanks to the people that helped review the book and the many more that offered to help. I appreciate your help in perfecting the content of the book and testing out the ideas it contains!