How to Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Free, Live Webinar with Cal Newport

Cal Newport, author of the book So Good They Can’t Ignore You, and I are going to be hosting a free, live 1-hour webinar and you’re invited to join us. We’ll be sharing more strangely useful career advice and giving away some of the insights we’ve gained building our course Top Performer, over the last three years.

Registration is free and there’s no limit to attendees, so click here to get a spot:

[The webinar is now over–we don’t have a recording, but one reader was kind enough to take extensive notes.]

The webinar will be held Sunday October 18th, 3pm CST, however you can view when that is in your timezone when you register above. We don’t plan on making a recording, so if you want to watch it will have to be live.

Here are some things we’re planning to share with you, time permitting:

  • Why being better matters–how becoming a top performer isn’t just the recipe for professional success but also professional fulfillment.
  • The science of professional expertise. How do people become world class at what they do?
  • Too many choices about what to focus on? We’ll give a process for getting answers about what exactly you should work on next.
  • Not sure how to get ahead but still stay on top of your busy life? We’ll share the productivity systems we use.
  • Not sure what you want to do with your career? There’s a systematic approach that can help you answer that question too.

Cal and I hope to see you there Sunday!